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SKU: toshiba-10-0kw-r32-high-static-ducted-inverter-2-1-1-1-2 Category:


Model: PEAD-M125JAADR1 / PUZ-M125VKA

An ideal ducted solution for any home
If you’ve ever considered ducted air conditioning but are concerned your home’s design may not be able to accommodate it, then the PEAD series could be the perfect solution. The PEAD series is a slim and discrete climate control option with a height of just 250 mm. This makes ducted air conditioning installation possible even in homes with low ceilings and minimal ceiling installation space.

Comfort delivered
In addition to its conveniently lean design, the PEAD series also provides variable airflow settings that further enhance the unit’s versatility. No matter the layout of your home, a PEAD ducted air conditioner can ensure optimal performance and even airflow distribution throughout the entire house. Five-stage external static pressure conversions ranging from 35 to 125 Pa and three fan speeds provide flexibility in designing ductwork to suit a wide range of building types with varying static pressure requirements. All of this means the PEAD series can deliver comfort to where you need it.

Hassle-free maintenance
For simple and easy maintenance, the PEAD ducted system series comes with a long life filter that can be easily removed for cleaning when needed. This series of air conditioners also feature a drainage pump installed as standard, meaning it’s one less component you need to buy. The drain pump lift water up to 700 mm from the lower surface of the indoor unit’s main body. When it comes to ducted air conditioning units, the purpose of the pump is to help channel away the condensation water that forms during the cooling process to avoid pooling, leakage and water damage. You can rest assured knowing that any condensation water that forms will be efficiently and quickly drained by the powerful drainage pump.